Ratnalaya Precious Stones and Pearls

Peridot <BR><font size=2 color=57840D><i>Stone of Lighness and Beauty</i></font> Emeralds<BR><font size=2 color=037101><i>Goddess of Beauty</i></font> Citrine <BR><font size=2 color=D09A36><i>Stone of joy</i></font> Peridot <BR><font size=2 color=57840D><i>Stone of Lighness and Beauty</i></font> Ruby <BR><font size=2 color=D02626><i>Love and Passion</i></font> Blue Sapphire<BR><font size=2 color=5A638C><i>Stone of Destiny</i></font> Diamond<BR><font size=2 color=#888888><i>Ssymbol of Innocence and Constancy</i></font> Blue Topaz<BR><font size=2 color=217CE9><i>Symbol of Love and Affection</i></font>

Welcome to Ratnalaya

We are one of the leading players in the industry for producing gemstones of impeccable quality. Our highly motivated team of artisans carves out unique shapes and patterns out of precious cut gemstones, semi precious gemstones, which satisfys the exact requirements of our clients. Our range includes red ruby gemstones, tanzanite gemstones, emerald gemstones, peridot gemstones, topaz gemstones, Gems stone, precious stones, semi precious stones, gems stones (more)



Welcome to Ratnalaya Precious Gems Stones & Pearls